News Update

Reception had a great time at our cluster multi-skills event last week.

Year 1 had a fantastic time at their multi-skills trip to Nunnery Wood Primary School. We took part in a variety of different games.

Year 3 had a lovely time last week sharing our reading book with Year 4.

Our Young Voices had an exciting and inspiring time at concert last week. After so many disappointing postponements we were ready to perform. We spent the afternoon and evening singing, dancing, laughing and making memories with our friends.

WOW! What a fantastic day we have had competing in our challenge 26 event. Children were timed to see which class could score 26 hoops the quickest! The winner will be announced soon… A huge thank you to everyone who has returned challenge 26 sponsorship money, it is going to a fantastic charity called get kids going. Please can any remaining sponsorship money be returned by the end of term.

Massive congratulations to the children who have won the Tolerance of the Month competition! They each won a special sticker book to enjoy.
Brisilda had this to say about tolerance, “Tolerance is when we don’t bully each other because of skin colour or who they are.”
Damisis said, “Tolerance is permitting others to practice their own choices you don’t have to agree with them but you should respect them as fellow others; respect others be tolerant.”
“Tolerance is showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behaviour that you don’t necessarily agree with.” explained Maya.
Chimidiuto said, “You should not make fun of people because of their skin colour, always be friendly to others and people are different in their own way.” Aliza thought the following, ” Tolerance is respect for others and their opinions and beliefs which may differ from our own. ”
Thankyou to all the children who have shown the value of Tolerance this month and especially, Brisilda, Damisi, Chimidiuto, Maya and Aliza who took the time at home to create these brilliant posters.

Well done to all the children in ASH house! They collected an amazing 1211 house points this ½ term and will get a disco on Thursday afternoon!