News Update

Perry Wood was represented by Aleena and Leila at Worcester Guildhall, where they read out their newspaper report about the Charter of 1621 to a huge crowd. After they were invited into the mayor’s parlour. Work created by the children of Perry Wood was on display in the Guildhall. Lots of complements from members of the public about the work on show.

To celebrate Charter 400 in Goldfinches, we looked at and made buildings in Worcester that were built before the Worcester City Charter in 1621. The building s included The Commandery, Worcester Cathedral, The Tudor Museum, Greyfriars and Edgar Tower.

Year 2 have had had their first ‘Now Press Play’ interactive experience! We loved travelling back in time to 1666 to play a part in stopping the Great Fire of London. We rang the church bells to wake people up, threw buckets of water on the fire with Samuel Pepys and even went to Whitehall Palace to tell King Charles II about the fire! This experience helped the children to be high achievers when they sequenced and explained the events of the Great Fire of London afterwards. We can’t wait to try another interactive experience!

What a fantastic day the children in year 4 had! They painted their Roman shields and really enjoyed seeing their designs come to life.

Year 6 widened their horizons during their maths lesson by using real life data to produce pie charts. After counting the traffic on Newtown Road, they calculated the number of degrees needed for each type of transport to draw a pie chart. They really enjoyed bringing real life into their maths!