News Update

Year 2 have had lots of fun role playing in our Scutari hospital from 1854! We took turns being wounded soldiers and nurses and showed care and compassion when bandaging wounds, giving out ‘medicine’ and feeding the injured soldiers broth and watery porridge! We also tried to clean the clothes using the washing dolly and shoo away the squeaky rats that we could hear! The children have really enjoyed learning all about Florence Nightingale so far!

We aimed for High Ambitions today in Year 3! Today the children have been thinking critically in order to play this fun Maths investigation. They used their place value knowledge and critical thinking skills in order to play the game with the tactics to win. The room was buzzing! I’ve attached a picture of the rules if you want to play at home.

For our DT lesson, Year 4 had to try different ingredients that make up a sandwich. We rated each of the ingredients and decided what we liked/disliked about them. We will use this information to help us design our own sandwiches in the next few weeks!

Here in year 4, we had a fantastic visit from the Worcester River Trust. We learnt about the different animals that live in those habitats, we created our own food webs and we had the opportunity to see and handle a variety of different items from the river. It was a brilliant experience!

Look at these fantastic portraits Herons have created this afternoon. They cut an image of one of Henry VIII wives in half and then completed the portrait, concentrating on all the details in the missing half.