Weekly News Round Up


The children in Nursery had a fabulous Reading Week and World Book Day.  They took part in lots of different activities and enjoyed being joined by their parents for reading activities.



We were joined by lots of our favourite book characters for World Book Day.

Goldfinch 1 and 2 had an amazing time at forest school in the sun!

Goldfinch 1 and 2 enjoyed their PE lesson where they were learning ball skills.

Year 4

The children took part in lots of different activities for Reading Week and World Book Day.

Year 6

Eagles enjoyed a grammar treasure hunt.  All the children were engaged in their learning and eager to attain the highest score.

Griffin Science Symposium

Nine of our Year 6 pupils have had a wonderful day exploring Science at Stantonbury International School at one of our annual Proud Traditions: Griffin Science Symposium. The children have taken part in exciting experiments involving chemical reactions; extracted DNA from various fruits; discovered the solar system in an ‘Explora Dome’ and witnessed explosions caused by electricity.

Founders Day 2020

It is a Proud Tradition that we celebrate the beginning of the Griffin School Trust.  This year the theme was celebration; all the Griffin Schools joined in celebrating the Jewish Festival of Purim.  Children and staff dressed up in colourful costumes, parents joined us and made masks and graggers.  We gave and received gifts and donated a gift of various items to the homeless.  The day ended with an assembly where staff entertained everyone with a play about the story of Esther, the choir sang a song about Purim and our children who will be performing Hansel and Gretal performed a song.  A day enjoyed by everyone ending with a gift of Hamantashen.