Weekly News Round Up

Nursery spent their last day before school closures having a wonderful time on an Easter egg hunt.

 Year 1

Kingfishers created our own healthy fruit kebabs. We chopped up some of the fruit and then chose what we wanted on our kebabs. We also had great fun eating them!

Year 2

Year 2 were quite upset about how much litter had been thrown onto the school grounds so we decided on a clean-up with Fortis.

Year 6

Eagles chose an investigation question to do with rocks.  Today they took part in their experiment and wrote up their results.

Year 6 took part in a bench ball tournament for Sports Relief.  Alongside great teamwork they proved that they are very competitive.  Although there may have been some disappointments they showed great sportspersonship throughout


The children continued their theme through art on the last day before school closures.  They looked at the work of artist Margaret Godfrey and used this as their inspiration of their own art work using mixed media.