Weekly News Round Up

This week Reception children are learning all about the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We have told the story altogether and then went out onto the field to look for clues as to where a bear may have been. We are sequencing the story using pictures and retelling the story in many different ways using bottles filled with items from the story and various objects that the children might see along the journey of their bear hunt. We are searching for bears in the sand and cornflour gloop and having a go at reading and writing cvc words on the bears we find.



One of the activities the children have done is to paint a self-portrait. We have been discussing how everyone is different and special and one of the ways we are different is the way we look. The children looked carefully at their faces in a mirror and discussed with an adult what they look like including what colour their eyes and hair are. They used a paintbrush to paint their own face. The children are very proud to see their wonderful work on display.


The children in Nursery have been exploring natural objects which are around us a lot at the moment as it’s autumn. Using these objects, the children have been able to explore and discuss shape, size and colour as well as seasonal changes that we can see happening around us.


Magpies have discussed how important it is to look after our mental health.  We are wearing yellow in support of Mental Health Week along with our best smiles!


Year 3 have been working on creating silhouette pictures of Stonehenge.


Year 5 took part in a STEM challenge.  Well done to Laila and Aleena who will go on to compete with other schools.