Weekly News Round Up

Through our topic, ‘Let’s Celebrate,’ the children in Nursery are exploring a range of celebrations from different cultures and backgrounds. This week, they have been learning about Diwali – the Hindu Festival of Light. They’ve been making rangoli patterns with coloured rice, learning about the story of Rama and Sita with stick puppets, exploring lights in the dark den and making their our diva lamps using clay. 


Today, the children in Nursery have been learning about Remembrance Day. We have discussed why and how it is that we remember those who have suffered and died in wars. The children took part in the two minute silence at 11 o’clock and learnt about how poppies are worn as a symbol of remembrance. Our super long, red paper chain was joined onto the chains of all the other classes.



Goldfinches have started their new topic today ‘The Big Freeze’. We will be learning all about colder climates this half-term. As always we do our learning through stories and this week our story is ‘Lost and Found’. We have been searching for the lost penguin in our class. We even made boats outside so we could go searching for him. We are exploring ice and white, minty play-dough. We are measuring and ordering penguins in order of size. We are making igloos out of white cubes and counting how many we use. We are making penguins using our junk modelling materials. As always lots of fun in reception.