Weekly News Round Up

Continuing their theme of celebrations, the children in Nursery have been exploring birthdays this week. They have been imaginative in their play by having birthday party in the role play area. They have created birthday cards with their own drawings and had a go at writing their names inside. They’ve been decorating a pretend cake and making their own cakes using play dough. They’ve also been counting candles for cakes, matching them to the corresponding numerals, and describing different types of wrapping paper on presents of different shapes and sizes. This morning they sang along to the songs Happy Birthday and He’s a Jolly Good Fellow being played on a keyboard. The children really enjoyed making their own music on the keyboard as well.

We challenged the children in Reception to construct igloos using marshmallows and spaghetti! They showed great team work (and amazing self-restraint to not eat them!) – it was lots of fun!


During DT the children in Year One were measuring using different resources to determine how big they would have to make their outfit for Zid. The children also commented on what they noticed about the width of the dress.

Magpies have enjoyed celebrating children in need.

Magpies have really enjoyed taking part in the Griffin virtual games this week.  It was great to get to do it in the fresh air!

We are very proud of Summer in Year 2 for being a champion Irish dancer and look forward to her bright future!


Magpies have enjoyed taking part in lots of anti-bullying activities.

Jays have been taking part in lots of activities for anti-bullying week to show that they are united against bullying!

Year 3 have enjoyed creating Tangrams. They all took part ‘Being Curious’ being very curious about what pictures they could create with their shapes.

Hawks reflected on emotions through colour making some lovely feeling flowers.