Weekly News Update

Last week, Year 2 were lucky enough to experience a piano concert from local pianist and conductor, Chris Handley. The children were amazed and inspired to hear a real life pianist play for them and they even got to join in singing along to some of the pieces and play the djembe drums to Lion King! I’m sure this is an experience the children will remember for a long time!


Year 4 widened our horizons by meeting a French trained chef. He demonstrated how to cook the traditional French dish, ratatouille, and we helped chop and mush the vegetables. We really enjoyed eating it afterwards as well!


Year 6 have had a fantastic day widening their horizons bell-boating on the River Severn. An experience most had never had before they showed great teamwork, resilience and perseverance throughout their time on the river. Well done Year 6!


Year 6 had a brilliant International Day widening horizons by making French baguettes as part of our DT. In recent weeks children have learnt about food hygiene, design and appeal and costing of ingredients. They followed Paul Hollywood’s recipe and we were extremely pleased with the finished outcome. Very tasty!