PE and Sports

Policy Statement

PerryWood Primary and Nursery School recognise that safe-practice standards, consistently applied by staff, students and other visitors, across all aspects of the school’s Physical Education and Sport (PES) programme are important.


The purpose of documented safe-practice standards in PES is to:

  • offer PES within a well-managed, safe and educational context
  • set out the responsibilities for health and safety in PES at all levels
  • establish common codes of practice for staff and students
  • provide common administrative procedures
  • ensure statutory and local requirements are followed and other national guidelines, such as codes of practice, are considered
  • ensure school health and safety policies and procedures adequately address the PES context of working on and off site and outside normal lesson times
  • aid the recording and reporting of accidents and incidents
  • audit and achieve consistent safety standards.


The outcomes of establishing and applying safe-practice standards in physical education are to:

  • enable students to participate in PES that provides appropriate challenge with acceptable risk
  • educate students about risk management, and their responsibility in this, in order for them to participate independently in physical activity later in life
  • fulfil the provision of a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for physical education through:
  • an environment that is safe for the activity
  • adequately supervised activities
  • the use of regular and approved practice
  • taking students through progressive stages of learning and challenge
  • building a system of advice and the practice of warning
  • using equipment for the purpose it was intended for
  • providing basic care in the event of an accident
  • the use of forethought and sound preparation
  • involving students in the process of risk management
  • ensure clear management responsibilities and organisation provide for safe systems of work
  • identify and provide for any professional learning needs the staff are likely to encounter in their work.