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The Perry Wood Primary School computing provision aims to equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. It is our intention to enable children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information in a safe, responsible and respectful manner. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in a discriminating and effective way. Our computing curriculum enables children to develop their problem solving, critical thinking and reasoning abilities. It enables children to understand and apply the essential principles and concepts of Computer Science, including logic, algorithms and data representation. Computing skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners and it is our intention that children have every opportunity available to allow them to achieve this.


Switched On Computing

The Switched On Computing scheme of work is used to ensure progression of skills across the year groups whilst meeting the National Curriculum expectations.

Online Safety

Perry Wood pupils learn how to use mobile technology and the internet safely.

The Project Evolve scheme of work and the Education for a Connect World framework are implemented discussing issues such as cyberbullying, online wellbeing, screen time/ addiction, the reliability of information and ‘Stanger danger’.


Perry Wood pupils will understand and use appropriate topic vocabulary, including that associated with programming, e.g. algorithm, debug, input, output, and variable.


Perry Wood pupils take part in regular STEM challenges, allowing the opportunity to apply skills that have been learnt and link computing knowledge to other areas of the curriculum.


Perry Wood pupils are given regular opportunities to apply the computing skills and knowledge that they have been taught to support their learning in other curriculum subjects.


The Computing curriculum provides opportunities for all children to learn and develop knowledge and skills. There is a clear progression document to ensure pupils are taught a sequenced curriculum. At the end of each year, pupils have developed their computing skills, and have gained a new understanding of online safety issues and how to keep themselves safe online.

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