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History has always been held in high regard here at Perry Wood Primary School. The school’s History and the rich local History draws on both the immediate and the wider local area, enabling children to develop a deep understanding of the rich history of their locality. Our curriculum encourages children to use a range of sources to support enquiry, including trips, visits and themed days. Our pupils become more independent learners by exploring the past and developing their own historical curiosity and understanding about a range of periods from history and linking these with people, places, events and changes within and beyond living memory.


National Curriculum

Planning is creative and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. The key knowledge and skills that children acquire and develop has been mapped out to ensure progression between the year groups.


Staff plan opportunities to engage children in the theme. Our children’s curiosity and interests are enhanced by our enrichment starter days. Extra stimuli through trips and visits give children the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge beyond the classroom.

Wide Horizons

Carefully planned visits, events and activities including family and the wider community celebrate and raise the profile of the importance of History and how we at Perry Wood value History associated with the local area and the wider world we live in. Including events such as: – Our school’s anniversary, Remembrance, Royal events and cross-curricular events that also celebrate History such as the Olympics.


Children will begin to understand the complexity of other people’s lives and the process of change and diversity of society and relationships between different groups. They will think about the social, and emotional wellbeing of people through time and the effects that events had on them.


Children will be encouraged to present their findings through a creative range of dance, drama, stories and art. This will then be shared with families, the local community and our GST family.


Pupils leave Perry Wood with a love of History having learnt about a diverse range of historical individuals and events, confidently articulating how history has shaped and impacted the world we live in today. A deepening understanding of chronology, historical vocabulary and the ways in which the past can be communicated enables pupils to make links between the past and the present.

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