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At Perry Wood Primary School we endorse the Government’s commitment to increasing the nation’s language capability, set out under the guidelines of the New National Curriculum. The cornerstone of the Languages Curriculum is to enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and writing. Teaching a Modern Foreign Language should also provide opportunities for pupils to communicate for practical purposes, learn new ways of thinking and to also open up different paths to learn a multitude of languages.


Rising Stars

To ensure a coherent progression of skills and knowledge from years 3-6, with 24 units across 4 stages, Perry Wood has adopted the Rising Stars scheme of work. This allows teachers to feel confident with ready to go subject knowledge and activities as well as a bank of resources.

International Days

Children have the opportunity to celebrate languages and cultures of the world with 3 international days a year (the country of focus is different each term and is not repeated the following year). The day focuses on the exploration of the country, its culture and its language. Children are encouraged to use the language of the nominated country throughout the day. This ensures children are exposed to a multitude of languages throughout their time at Perry Wood.

Assessment and Recording

Children’s progress is assessed for both speech and writing. Evidence is recorded in scrapbooks where children are encouraged to take ownership and evidence their work. Teachers then make termly assessments of progress using curriculum statements specific to their year group.


Children are given the opportunity to share their knowledge of language and culture with families and the wider community. Families are invited to join in the celebrations as part of international day.

Wide Horizons

Children are encouraged to explore the wider world through language. Perry Wood wants to broaden children’s horizons and experiences beyond where they live. Through international days and language, children will build confidence when communicating and explore new ways of thinking.


Pupils leave Perry Wood with the confidence and an eagerness to learn languages. Pupils will be able to communicate beyond traditional borders, expanding their horizons, whether it be with another community in their own country or outside of their country. Through language, children will open up new frontiers and explore them in a time and way of their own choosing.

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