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At Perry Wood Primary and Nursery school, Music is valued as a powerful and unique form of communication that may influence the way pupils think, feel and act; Music can inspire and motivate where other stimuli are ineffective. As a vehicle for personal expression it promotes emotional development, encourages creativity and thereby makes a valuable contribution to the wider curriculum; it builds self -respect and supports developing self -control and positive social attitudes. Teaching of Music enables children to listen to, create, play, perform and enjoy a wide range of music; children develop skills to appreciate different musical forms and begin to make informed judgements about the quality of music. Music reflects culture and society, and opportunity is provided for a range of culturally and historically diverse musical experiences which help build understanding of the context of Music making, both in the past and present; likewise in different places.


National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is taught through whole class teaching where it is linked, where possible, to the over-arching theme for the half term. The curriculum is balanced to include history, theory and practise.


Perry Wood is proud to offer free extra-curricular clubs which encourages and fosters a love and curiosity for music. This includes: Community Choir, Gifted and Talented Choir, Young Voices club as well as other instrumental clubs.

Wide Horizons

Visits help children underpin the sense of purpose of music education as well as offer exciting and inspiring experiences.
These include:

  • local theatre
  • young Voices Concert
  • gifted and Talented Choir performing in London
  • visits to performing spaces
  • visits within our community to showcase our talents.

Instrumental lessons

Children in every year group have a chance to learn an instrument. In year 3 and 4 every child has Ukulele lessons offered by our local music hub. Additionally, Perry Wood also hosts Rocksteady music lessons, in which a group of PP children also receive free tuition.


Children at Perry Wood are actively encouraged to showcase their talents. This is done through the following:

  • seasonal concert (Easter, Christmas etc)
  • end of instrumental lesson showcases
  • videos and recordings.


Pupils leave Perry Wood Primary School with a secure understanding of key musical dimensions and have a basic knowledge and skill in musical notation. Children will leave enthused about Music from their experiences and have an understanding of music across genres, ages and cultures. All children will leave having the experience of playing an instrument.

Curriculum Documents

Proud Traditions | Wide Horizons | High Achievement