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30 November 2023 in Latest news

Festive choir at the Victorian Fair

Today our school Choir performed on the stage in Cathedral Square during the Victorian Christmas fair. They were supported by a huge audience who thoroughly enjoyed the festive experience.
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24 November 2023 in Latest news

Festival of Reading

Today children celebrated the festival of reading. All children and adults came to school in their pjamas. The year 6 Pupils leadership team sold 2nd hand books to families. The…
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The Griffin Schools Trust (GST) is a family of primary and secondary schools in the Midlands and the South East of England. We are committed to providing an outstanding independent-style education for all students, predicated on breadth and excellence.


All schools provide a rich programme of free extra-curricular activities, create an involving and stimulating physical environment and build a staff team of interesting people who are motivated to advance their own knowledge and skills as well as their pupils’ achievement.

GST schools do not teach young people to know their place, but rather to discover their talents and passions and to take their places in society, making a difference through leadership and service wherever their futures may take them.

Curriculum at Perry Wood

At Perry Wood we have designed a curriculum that is creative, challenging and engaging for all, inspiring our learners to become inquisitive and ready for the challenges ahead. Our curriculum provides our children with the key skills and knowledge for strong roots so that they can grow and flourish into independent citizens of the future.

As a school, we have implemented Ambitious Ambassadors (modelled on the characteristics of effective learning). Through this approach, we ensure our children develop the characteristics of motivation, engagement and critical thinking to support them in becoming lifelong learners. Our ambassadors are used to engage, inspire and develop an understanding of how they promote the different characteristics of learning.

Subject leaders have created detailed, long-term plans for every subject area as well as vocabulary progression documents. This allows our curriculum intent to be embedded securely and consistently across our school. Our teachers have a firm and common understanding of our curriculum and what it means for their practice.

We have built a curriculum that:

  • Inspires all that are involved
  • Challenges all groups of learners
  • Uses all areas, including the outdoors
  • Hooks our learners with a ‘grab’ such as a visit or visitors
  • Has interesting themes that engage our learners
  • Has a real purpose with high quality end products
  • Develops well-rounded individuals with key skills they will need for life
  • Is rich in opportunities for language, reasoning and dialogue
  • Develops independence, questioning and thinking skills
  • Is rich in experiences and opportunities that widen horizons
  • Develops proud traditions

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding Extra-Curricular experiences for our children, including annual residential trips for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, as well as free access to 28 clubs every week.

Annual Co-Curricular opportunities are set within the school calendar. These include our Proud Traditions: Griffin Sports Festival, Founders Day, Griffin Science Symposium, and Griffin Arts Festival.

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