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Here at Perry Wood, we aim to provide our children with a rich and varied PE curriculum with the aim to aid all children in developing themselves as individuals. Our inclusive, cross-curricular curriculum, ensures that all can achieve and therefore aims to instil a life-long love for being physically active. By using a broad and balanced curriculum, we not only aim to help children to develop their sporting abilities but also help individuals develop emotionally and socially – through building communication skills, resilience and perseverance.

At Perry Wood, we understand how important being active is for both our physical and mental health. Our staff are dedicated to leading by example and helping our children understand the importance of this, by providing the children with ways in which they can implement this into their daily lives also. Our school/Griffin values are always at the forefront when delivering and planning our PE curriculum; helping our children further develop a plethora of skills needed as they grow into young adults and beyond. Here at Perry Wood, we aim to provide all children with the opportunity to take part in competitive sports, our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure children feel prepared for sporting events and with the aim that children enjoy competitive sports – developing sportsmanship is key here.


Skill Development

Our PE curriculum has been meticulously mapped out to ensure, that each year, children build on and apply the skills they need to play a variety of sports.


Regular inter and intra-sports competitions and events are offered for children to take part in and experience.

Evaluating and Improving

Pupils will be given regular opportunities for self-evaluation, guided by the teacher, focusing on their skills and techniques. They will be taught how to use their evaluations to improve their performance.


Through both theory and physical fitness, children will be taught the importance of physical activity. They will be taught to make healthy life choices, which will lead to living a healthy and active life.

Wide Horizons

Children will be exposed to a variety of sports through their time a Perry Wood, to enable them to find a form of physical activity they are passionate about. Visitors, trips and other experiences will be offered to the children as inspiration to find something they enjoy.


Our P.E. curriculum at Perry Wood is focused on inspiring, challenging and developing all pupils, which in turn will support children to be happy, healthy and successful. By using our PE curriculum alongside other areas of our curriculum, we endeavour to help all children realise their full potential and therefore give them the confidence to try new and exciting experiences. Knowledge and skills are developed through a planned and sequenced curriculum, enabling pupils to leave Perry Wood knowing how to be physically healthy and understanding the impact this will have on their lives.

Curriculum Documents

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