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By 1 July 2022September 22nd, 2022No Comments

We have had a busy week at Perry Wood as pupils have taken part in our Proud Tradition of our annual Griffin Arts Festival where children take part in a variety of exciting activities widening their horizons based around the arts.

The children in Nursery had a great start to GAF. As part of the change makers theme, they are exploring how they can make a difference to the environment through recycling and cleaning up litter. In particular, they will be learning about how this can affect wildlife at sea. Today they started their clay tiles, printing on them with sea shells.

As part of Griffin Arts Festival, the children in Year one thought about how they can be change makers and decided to start with a litter pick around the school.

This half term Year 3 have been studying The Ancient Greeks. They have learnt about how they were the change makers of their times and have enjoyed hearing various myths and legends. Today, they have started creating shield designs using mosaics. Children have designed the shields to show motifs from various myths and legends.

The children in Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from Paralympic medal winner, Ian Rose. He taught the children about resilience and not giving up when things get tough. It was a fantastic experience!

Year 6’s first piece of artwork for GAF week is complete.  We cannot wait for you to see the finished products at the showcase next week!

Over the last 2 days, all the children in the school got the opportunity to take part in a printing workshop. It was great fun and the final results were very impressive!

We are very proud of two of our Year 5 pupils who took part in the STEM Works Challenge at Mazak, Worcester.  As well as competing against other schools to design a robot to aid recycling they were shown many of the amazing machines the company manufacture.  I’m sure they are two future engineers.