Weekly News Round Up


The Nursery children took part in lots of different activities for our International Day on China.


We had a lovely morning with parents in to celebrate international day. We made collage pandas, cut and stick paper chain dragons and had a go at Chinese symbols with charcoal.  After the parents had gone we painted a picture of a Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, native to China.  We all tried some fortune cookies, the children really enjoyed this.  In the afternoon we went to Forest School and used charcoal to make Chinese Symbol marks on trees and red paper.



The Reception children thoroughly enjoyed their visit from ZooLab today! This was part of our learning for our topic, Rumble in the Jungle. Many of the children were very brave held and touched the animals that they saw including a stick insect, giant snail, millipede and a snake! We also learnt some interesting facts about the animals; did you know a snake uses its tongue to smell?


Wow! The children in Goldfinch 2 loved going on a journey to the rainforest today with Zoolab. We met an African land snail, millipede, stick insect, snake, rat and a tarantula along the way.


Year 1


Kingfishers have had an amazing international day. They wrote their own story of the journey of a Wok based on the story of the Runaway Wok. They then conducted an experiment in science to find out how many bounces panda ping pong balls do on different surfaces. We were then joined by our parents and we worked together to created our very own willow pattern plates. We finished off our busy day but measuring things in our outdoor area using chopsticks.


 Year 2

Magpies had fun making their own chocolates after completing their chocolate research.


Year 3

Doves have made lanterns, created a comic book version of the Chinese New Year story, written in Chinese characters and solved maths problems involving lucky numbers.


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6

Pupils were inspired by a range of art work, mainly drawings and paintings of dragons.  Pupils planned which media they wanted use for their own piece – sketching pencils, watercolour paints, oil pastels or chalk pastels – and then carefully drew the outline of the individual and unique dragon characters, in preparation for applying the chosen media.  The variety of outcomes can be seen by the selection here.

Pupils drew their own soldier inspired by the Terracotta Army in China.  They then transferred their drawing to foam and printed using paint.  This was inspired by the work of Andy Warhol’s pop art in particular his portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

Year 6 have been busy starting a mystery art project, lasting over three days this week, whilst the rest of Year 6 are at Malvern. They have thoroughly enjoyed it so far, expressing that the art work has made them feel “free”, “energized”, “the best ever”.

Having painted, inked, used wax crayons, glued, and even torn up their artwork the children were excited to find out what their artwork would be.  The children and staff are extremely proud of the outcome of the final piece of artwork.  Here’s a small selection of many amazing pieces.

For Internet Safety Day Year 6 looked at the positives and negatives of using the Internet.  They then created their own game of snakes and ladders around the subject.


DT Club

Children enjoyed making bird feeders at DT club this week!

Research Project with Manchester Metropolitan University

The year 5 research project was held at Perry Wood today – our 4 representatives had much to discuss and are currently developing a research project about movement in education. Thank you Dr Linda Hammersley-Fletcher from the Manchester Metropolitan University for running the session today.

Malvern Outdoor Centre Residential

Children from Years 5 and 6 have been on a 3 day residential at Malvern Outdoor Centre this week.  They have faced their fears taking part in lots of exciting activities.  They even made it up to the beacon which is the highest point in Worcestershire!  It looks like they’ve had great fun!


Phonics Workshop

Thank you so much to parents who joined us for the EYFS Phonics Workshop this afternoon. I really hope it was informative and you feel more confident with supporting your child to read and write at home. It was amazing to see so many of you there and I look forward to holding further workshops in the future.