Weekly News Update

For Science Week, the children in Nursery have been exploring how toys work and they have been innovative by creating some of their own. They have explored marble runs and experimented with changing the course and speed of the marbles, talking how it works and why. They have been creating their own marble runs as well. They have made large scale ones outside and used recycled materials to make a marble run as a group inside. They have shown creativity by thinking of their own ideas, resilience by changing their design when it didn’t work and teamwork by working together and sharing resources.



Our theme in Nursery is People Who Help Us. The children have been expanding their Wide Horizons by learning about lots of occupations and the different ways that people help us in the jobs that they do. They have been very enthusiastic in their imaginary play, dressing up and taking on the role of doctors, nurses, paramedics, builders and vets.


This week the children in Nursery have been learning about the police and what they do. They have been dressing up as police officers, solving mysteries and exploring fingerprints. They were also really excited to learn about police cars and motorbikes. We have been exploring a range of occupations through our theme, People Who Help Us, and expanding our Wide Horizons.


We are so happy to welcome reception back to school today! They have settled back in beautifully and are already having lots of fun.


Year 3 have been looking at parts of a flower in our outdoor environment. This helped us have high achievement in the classroom when we were asked to label parts of the flower. We were also fascinated to see the flowers under the visualiser so we could see each part closely.


Falcons enjoyed their theme lesson today combining their maths skills with geography. After researching key details about the Boxing Day tsunami, they presented their data and analysed it to discover the effects of the tsunamI.  Brilliant work everyone!


For Red Nose Day the children dressed up as Superheroes.  Here is Goldfinches –  they look fantastic!