Weekly News Update


The children in Nursery have taken part in the National Day of Reflection. They discussed what life has been like since the Coronavirus pandemic and took part in the 1 minute silence. They have been exploring daffodils, the symbol for the charity Marie Curie who are leading this special day and wrote their names on yellow pieces of ribbon.

This week, the children in Nursery have been expanding their Wide Horizons by learning about the fire and rescue service. They’ve been learning about what the fire and rescue service do, how they put out fires and taking on the role of firefighters. They’ve also been exploring a pulley, using it to rescue some of our small world people from a high place.

This afternoon, we have been learning about the census that took place yesterday and we decided to create our own census for Goldfinches! The children counted things in our classroom that they thought were important and decided whether they thought we had enough or needed more! We counted balls, aprons, books, pencils, tires and lots of other things!

Goldfinches have joined in with the Day of Reflection. They reflected on Coronavirus then thought about new starts, new life and signs of spring. Children used watercolours to create observational pictures of daffodils, we went on a hunt for signs of spring & tied yellow ribbons to the gates.

Year 1 went to forest school for dragon maths. Using sticks to help find out the missing numbers in subtraction number sentences.

As part of our Proud Traditions, Year 4 have taken part in Red Nose day today. They used their superpower of knowledge to answer a quiz named ‘all things red’. Some children managed to get all the questions correct and earn a chocolatey prize!

Year 4 have spent the afternoon widening their horizons by trying lots of new and exciting sports in PE. They explored volleyball, tennis and a catching game. They enjoyed it lots but had a particularly strong like for the volleyball!

What a fantastic day we have had today in year 6! We widened our horizons by trying something new. I was particularly impressed by the perseverance skills Eagles class demonstrated today whilst creating a variety of origami animals. Well done everyone!

Huge thanks to Nicol and Co for donating 50 water bottles to school. They will go a long way in helping keeping our pupils hydrated in class and on the sports field.


Perry Wood has achieved highly this week by earning itself a bronze Shakespeare school award. Well done to every student who has taken part in Shakespeare and allowed this to happen. We are very excited for students to join in with their own Shakespeare performance in the future!