News Update

Lapwings and Doves have been widening their horizons by having a taste of a life of a journalist. They had to listen to a witness report of a crime and produce a crime report ready to write a newspaper article about the case of a missing dog.

Here in year 4, we took part in pond dipping for our science lesson. We had to fish for animals in the pond and then we used the classification keys to find out what they were. It was great fun!

Here in year 4, we use technology to bring our Oliver Twist scripts to life! The children recorded it all themselves, wrote their own scripts and performed it themselves. Here is an example one, well done!

Here at Perry Wood, we had great fun today in our engineering session. The children spent the session creating a structure out of toothpicks and marshmallows that was 30cm tall and could hold 5g of weight. The children were so creative with their ideas and excellent at problem solving, well done!