News Update

Year 2 have really enjoyed learning all about the Gentoo Penguins during the GSS! We created fact files all about the Gentoo Penguins to find out how they grow, where they live and what they do. Then we made a Gentoo Penguin Nest in forest school using similar materials to the penguins and tested them with water and a hairdryer to test the strength and stability of the nest under windy and rainy conditions. Our nests were very successful! Today we created some artwork which we will turn into a postcard to send to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to ask them about what we can do to help the Gentoo Penguin numbers grow.


Year 3 have had to the chance to look at farming this week in GSS. This has tied in brilliantly with our rainforest project and the work we did surrounding the deforestation on Founders Day. We have found out what food miles mean and have plotted the food miles of food and  vegetables into pictograms and graphs.

Year 6 have found Science Week really exciting! They have researched Mars and its conditions for life, and from there were tasked with designing (using their mathematical skills) and creating model homes which a person could live and survive in. Next week we will be testing out models against different climate conditions to see whose design was most suitable.




Family thrive started for the first time at Perry Wood! We had a great afternoon learning about the 3 parts of our brains and having fun while doing it. Thankyou so much to the marvellous parents who came along and participated- look forward to next week! Keep your eyes peeled for signing up to the next 6 week course!