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By 8 July 2022September 22nd, 2022No Comments

Children from across the school made clay models with flags to show how we can be change makers for our future.

The children in Year 1 loved exploring the other year groups art during our GAF showcase and seeking out the hidden letter. They thought all artwork was beautiful and really enjoyed their hunt.

Year 2 have really enjoyed our first week of GAF! We have collected different leaves to create wax crayon rubbings and paint prints which we will use to create a collage next week! We have also had a go at fabric printing using flower petals to create a large collaborative patchwork art piece.

Year 3 really enjoyed thinking carefully about their future in the world and what they would like to see changes in. Here are their clay figures of change makers which will be displayed with the rest of the school’s figures on Thursday.

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Oliver Twist this afternoon, but got to go behind the scenes in their very own workshop. The team taught the children about the process of putting together a production, including costumes, set design, acting, lighting and sound. Very beneficial knowledge for our own production in a couple of weeks’ time!

We are extremely proud of the artwork that pupils have produced whilst attending our Ambitious Artists after-school club.  A selection of their work can be seen in our art gallery in the Key Stage 2 corridor.

It was wonderful to welcome you all into school for our Arts Showcase. The staff and students have worked so hard to pull off this amazing showcase. I hope you enjoyed the arts trail around the school and seeing the children’s incredible work.